ODIGEÍ SURGICAL – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will have to register one-time only. You can find the registration links on this website https://www.odigeisurgical.com.

For some professionals, the fee is discounted but you must be a member of some participating partners or associations such as Hispanic Dental Association. Please email us at info@hispaniclabs.com if you are a member of any professional association and we will let you know if we have a collaboration agreement with them.

You will receive an email notification a few weeks before is time to renew. If you don’t want to continue with the service you simply don’t renew, and you won’t be charged again. Keep in mind that when your account becomes inactive, your leads will no longer appear in your ODIGEÍ SURGICAL mobile app.

We have many web properties in both English and Spanish, including https://cirugia-us.com/. When a prospective patient completes the form or calls from your profile page, you will get the lead in your ODIGEÍ SURGICAL mobile app. We use many marketing channels to attract users into our web properties, including but not limited to organic and paid search campaigns.

Yes, you can. Go to  https://www.odigeisurgical.com/login.php and login with your credentials and you will be able to access your lead generation platform from your laptop or desktop device.

We do not have an internal policy set up where we say we keep the contacts for x amount of time. We reserve the right to change this but for now, the contact information is stored in your account, unless you decide to delete it from your own interface.

We will have a premium plan soon, and you will be notified when is available so you may choose to upgrade. We also offer a-la-carte web services through our sister company Hispanic Market Advisors®